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A fresh approach to cleaning services
In 2013 Amanda Robinson was a stay at home mum, who decided to branch out and work for herself. Starting with just one client, she found that her unique touch of professionalism and attention to detail attracted countless referrals. Now, more than two years later, Amanda’s idea has grown into Amanda’s Cleaning Fairies. A trustworthy cleaning service you can depend on.

A Family Philosophy
Families are great. They are part of the reason we do what we do everyday—to help and support them. But does that extend to housework? Often times the housework tends to fall to one family member or it is a constant battle to share the load. At Amanda’s Cleaning fairies we believe in taking care of the boring things in life, such as housework, to provide you and your family with more quality time together to do the things you love. The heart of our business is taking the stress out of everyday life, for families that feel they can never keep up with all the household chores.

Understanding and Flexibility
At Amanda’s Cleaning Fairies we believe in providing a quality home cleaning service that maintains a professional, efficient, and honest outlook. We understand that our customers’ are varied, with varied needs. We know what you need and take great care in matching our Cleaning Fairies with our clients. And we strive to provide an unsurpassed flexibility with services, to suit each client’s unique needs. Our fairies visit your home at a time that is convenient for you, including the weekends, and deliver a superior touch of professionalism and quality.

When your home needs cleaning call in the fairies for a fairy good clean.

Why Choose Us?
At Amanda’s Cleaning Fairies, we pride ourselves on having a solid reputation of trust and professionalism. When it comes to domestic cleaning services, we are number one at providing top class cleaning services to keep your home looking and feeling refreshed.

How we can help

Housework is never ending. Even though you don’t have time during the week and you’re exhausted by the weekend, the floors still need to be vacuumed, the shower still needs to be scrubbed, and the pile of ironing is not going anywhere. Our Cleaning Fairies are here to take away the stress and anxiety of your housework and make your life easier. We can help you with regular chores like dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing. Or we can help with the occasional chores such as external house cleaning and a full window clean.

Let Amanda’s Cleaning Fairies take care of the housework and reclaim your life.
Eco Friendly
Here at Amanda’s Cleaning Fairies we understand that the global environment needs to be taken care of just as much as your home environment. That is why we are committed to using organic, environmentally friendly products that are also safe for your loved ones and pets.

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